Tickets and info

Tickets 28 € (price include service fee), children under 12-year-old`s for free.

Here you can buy tickets

Here are five tips for how you can have a more sustainable Midsummer:

  1. Arrive to the Midsummer Bonfires by walking, by bike or by public transportation. There is a city bike station by the bridge. Buses 24 and 24S operate more frequently during the festival.
  2. Respect the nature. Don’t leave behind any permanent traces of yourself or rip off the plants.
  3. Don’t leave trash out into the nature. You will be able to find bins on the island. Remember to separate biowaste into its own bin. If you smoke, take with you your own pocket ashtray.
  4. Return all the cans and bottles. You can leave the empty cans and bottles at Café Mieritz or the Festival ground kiosk, where they will be collected and taken to recycling.
  5. Respect other people. Everyone is welcome at the Midsummer Bonfires as they are. Take others into consideration and respect their physical integrity. If you run into problems, contact the security guards.


Bus 24S which runs between Seurasaari and Helsinki city centre has extra services on Midsummer Eve. The Bus 24S runs every seven minutes and the first departure leaves at 3.39 pm from Asema-aukio (stop 55 Postitalo, Postikatu) and the last return from Seurasaari to the center at 1.12 am. More information about public transport

You can also arrive with a city bike. There is a station for them by the bridge.

There is very limited parking available, so we recommend that you come to Seurasaari by bike or using public transportation. If you need to come with your own car, see the attached map for more information.


You can find wheelchair accessible toilets in the Citytoilets. Some of the museum buildings do not have accessible entrances. The Festival ground, where most of the festivities will happen, is accessible. The bonfire shore is not accessible by wheelchair, but you can watch the bonfires elsewhere. The children’s bonfire is accessible.


Café Mieritz (near the bridge) open at 2 pm-11 pm and Festival Ground kiosk are open at 4 pm-01 am. There you can buy coffee, refreshment and sweet and savoury snacks.

The restaurant is not open, but you can buy food portions from Festival Grounds (Festivities Area) and from Jusupoff Square at 3 pm-12 midnight, for example fish food, sausages, vegan portions and Finnish crepes. You can also buy coffee, tea and soft drinks from those food stalls.

You can bring your own food and we recommend you bring your own water bottle.

Using the grill is not allowed, because the forest fire warning is in effect! It is forbidden to bring your own grills or make fire in Seurasaari!


The Finnish Red Cross is responsible for first aid during the Midsummer Bonfires. There will be security guards present, turn to them if you need help.

Emergency number: 112

Make sure to dress according to the weather.


At the beginning of the island and next to Jusupoff Square, there are City WC, where you can also find wheelchair accessible toilets. Extra toilets will also be brought to the event at Jusupoff square and Kyykkäkentä (one of the toilets is wheelchair accessible toilet).


Any found items will be taken to the announcer.

The whole island will be closed starting at 12:00 on Midsummer Eve. After that you can enter only with a ticket. The island will be open and have free entry again after the celebrations on Midsummer Day.