Welcome to celebrate midsummer in Seurasaari!

Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires will be celebrated again on 21.6. There will be dancing, music, children´s program, craftmen´s demonstrations, storytelling and plenty of other program for visitors of all ages. Bonfires will be lit at 9-10 pm, if there is no wildfire warning. It’s also worth taking a look at the midsummer posters in Café Mieritz over the years.


Tickets 28 € (price include service fee), children under 12-year-old`s for free ticketmaster.fi

We recommend to buy tickets in advance, because here is only a few ticket sellers and there may be a queue at the point. The ticket sale is located in Seurasaari in front of Café Mieritz (after the Seurasaari bridge on the right).

Food and beverages:

Café Mieritz (near the bridge) open at 2 pm-12 midnight and Festival Ground kiosk are open at 4 pm-01 am. There you can buy coffee, refreshment and sweet and savoury snacks.

Seurasaaren Juhlatalo (restaurant) is open at 5 pm-01 am, Midsummer Eve´s buffet at 5 pm-8 pm, table reservations: info(at)ganache.fi

You can buy food portions from Festival Grounds (Festivities Area) and from Jusupoff Square at 3 pm-12 midnight, for example fish food, sausages, vegan portions and Finnish crepes. You can also buy coffee, tea and soft drinks from those food stalls.

Ice cream you can buy from the Jusupoff kiosk.

You can bring your own food and we recommend you bring your own water bottle.

Using the grill is not allowed during the event! It is forbidden to bring your own grills or make fire in Seurasaari!


Buses 24 and 24S runs between Seurasaari and Helsinki city centre. Bus 24S has extra services on Midsummer Eve. The Buses 24 and 24S runs from Kamppi. You can also arrive with a city bike. There is a station for them by the bridge.

There is very limited parking available, so we recommend that you come to Seurasaari by bike or using public transportation.