Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires on 23.6.2023 at 5 pm – 01 am

Midsummer will be celebrated again in Seurasaari on 23.6.2023. Living cultural heritage and treasures from the archives are both present amidst the folk music and folk dance this year.

The verdant folk park and idyllic museum area make a beautiful scenery for midsummer celebration. The event offers lots to see and experience for visitors of all ages.

The colorful national costumes, skilled musicians and blazing bonfires build up the atmosphere at Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires. For children, we offer puppet show, magic path, decorating midsummer pole, traditional swings, polonaise dancing and children’s own midsummer bonfire.

On a nightless night audience can enjoy folk music of Luomuduo, LEINA vocal collective´s music based on songs composed by Sabrina Ljungberg and Eino Leino´s poems, folk music of  Lapua-Uusi-Guinea, kantele artist Hanna Ryynänen, folk dance group PRO, and Ketale sets the mood for midsummer night’s dance.

Tickets 28€ (price include service fee), children under 12-year-old’s for free. Buy tickets here