Juhannusvalkeiden 2023 käsiohjelma:Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires 2023 program

In Seurasaari we build a few traditional bonfires for visitors to see, but due to the forest fire warning, bonfires cannot be lit!

Roadside at 5 pm-9 pm

Craftsmen: smiths, fransu lace, tablet weaving, crochet at 5 pm-9 pm

Horse carriage ride and pony riding (5 €) at 5 pm- 9 pm

Children´s magic path, Iiris Autio (near Karuna church) at 5 pm and 6 pm

Antti Event Grounds

Raising of the maypole at 6 pm

Garland workshop at 6.15 pm-8 pm

Come to dance! Folk dance for all, Tanhu-Visa at 6.15 pm-8 pm

Iisalmi parsonage

Coloring workshop for children at 5 pm-7 pm

Museum shop open at 5 pm-9 pm

Folk music “TAKLAX/REMIX”, Lapua-Uusi-Guinea (in the parsonage´s garden) at 6.30 pm

Kahiluoto manor yard

Face painting, Päivi Pätsi at 5 pm-7 pm

Children´s maypole decorating and raising at 5 pm-5.30 pm

Puppet show “UKKOSEN POIKA”, Theater Tuomikko at 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm

Karuna church

Church open at 5 pm-9 pm

Kantele consert “TAITE”, Hanna Ryynänen at 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm

Festivities Area at 7 pm-9 pm & 10.15 pm-01 am

Welcome song, Jari Komulainen & Ketale at 7 pm

Children´s polonaise at 7.10 pm

Folk dance “ANNIKAINEN”, folk dance group PRO at 7.30 pm

“EINO LEINO´S POEMS”, Vocal group Leina at 7.45 pm

Folk dance “AI MÄÄ VAI”, folk dance group PRO at 8.15 pm

Folk music “VIRITTÄÄ”, Lapua-Uusi-Guinea at 8.30 pm


Midsummer Dance, Jari Komulainen & Ketale at 10.15 pm

Midsummer polonaise, Tanhu-Visa at 11 pm

Midsummer dances continue at 11.30 pm-01 am

On the seashore

Folk music, LUOMUDUO at 9 pm-10 pm


In Seurasaari we build a few traditional bonfires for visitors to see. Unfortunately, the sunny and dry weather have caused a forest fire warning for the whole Finland and that means banning all bonfires in the country to prevent severe accidents.

We have four models of different bonfires on a showcase for our visitors to see how festive fires in Finland have been built. The structures will be dissembled immediately after Midsummer’s Eve.

Other program

Self-guided magic path for children near Karuna church, village swings at Yusupoff grounds. museum houses Ivars, Iisalmi parsonage and Karuna church are open at 5 pm-9pm

Program changes are possible

Events in Midsummer week

Free events before Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires.

Helsinki City Folk on 19.6. at 6 pm, folk dance performances and folk music on Espa stage (center of Helsinki).

Magic path (only in Finnish) for children in Seurasaari on 20.6. and 21.6. at 2 pm, starting from Karuna Church.

Decorations for Midsummer pole on 21.6. and 22.6. at 12 noon-4 pm in Seurasaari at Antti Event Grounds, the pole is raised at Midsummer Bonfires (admission fee event).